Alcohol gives you breast cancer

Although this isn’t new information, a new article was published linking alcohol consumption to higher and higher incidence of breast cancer. We’ve know for years that alcohol is one of the few modifiable risk factors for breast cancer. Breast cancer kills 1 in every 36 women. Heart Disease kills 1 in every 3 women. What’s new? Even very small amounts of alcohol increased risk of breast cancer.

The article in this weeks Journal of the American Medical Association is below:

They followed nurses for over 30 years and found a strong link between even light alcohol consumption and breast cancer.

Still, the study only shows an association between alcohol and breast cancer; it doesn’t prove that drinking causes the disease. There could be some other reason light drinkers appeared to be at higher risk — maybe they were less active than nondrinkers or had unhealthy diets, said Dr. Susan Love, a breast cancer expert and author who runs a Santa Monica, Calif.-based research foundation.

Women in the study who averaged three to six drinks a week throughout the study had a 15 percent higher chance of developing breast cancer than nondrinkers. That risk means, for example, that among women in their 50s, who on average face a 2.38 percent risk for breast cancer, light drinking would result in 4 additional cases of breast cancer per 1,000 women

Risks increased by 10 percent for every 10 grams of alcohol consumed daily. That’s equal to a little less than one 12-ounce bottle of beer, a 4-ounce glass of wine or a shot of whiskey. The increasingly elevated risks were a little higher than seen in other research. It made no difference whether the women drank liquor, beer and wine.