Diet alone better than diet and exercise for diabetes

Exercise is good for you and makes your heart stronger and wards off cardiovascular disease. But it is not necessary for weight loss. Tying diet and exercise together only give everyone an excuse not to lose weight, when they realize they don’t have time (or won’t make time) for exercise.

A recent study was conducted in Britain on borderline diabetics comparing usual care, intense diet control, and intense diet control plus some “exercise”. The intense diet control group did the best overall. There was no added benefit to intense diet control plus exercise.

The “exercise” they chose for this study was walking. Which isn’t really exercise. If they would have used more vigorous exercise, say something that actually raised your heart rate… the results may have been different.

If they really wanted a benefit from “exercise” they should have added resistance training. Training with weights, even at pretty low weights and giving muscles a resistance to work against, adds exponential benefits to any program. Weight loss increase, metabolism increases significantly, and you will actually burn calories.

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