Food Pyramid Out, Food Plate In

Food Plate

The USDA has moved away from the Food Pyramid and is now going with the Food Plate. This is obviously easier to understand. They also stress portion size.

This should make it a lot easier for people to visualize and understand the amount of each food category that should be eaten.

In 2005, the USDA used a new pyramid with a person running up the side to emphasize activity as well as diet. That pyramid was complicated and hard to understand. It also over emphasized grains.

The original food pyramid from 1992 emphasized grain and carbohydrates heavily and ultimately lead to an obese population. You can see that food pyramid below.

the 1992 pyramid suggested 6-11 servings of carbohydrates a day. Compare the new My Food Plate that only has one quarter sized wedge of grains. And note that it is now called “grains” as opposed to the very first food pyramid that called this group “bread, pasta, cereal, rice” which are all very poor forms of carbohydrates.

Hats off to Michelle Obama and the USDA for finding a simpler, easier to use new icon for healthy eating!

The new My Food Plate correlates very well to the Alo Diet! And I am excited about this new development. Read the Alo Diet for more detail on what to eat and when to eat.

Visit the new MyFoodPlate website for moe information.