Football Baby

Saturday night at 10PM I played football with a bunch of my good buddies. It was really special, we played on the shore of lake Michigan on Northwestern University’s practice field. The field was a nice turf field with some very bright lights. It was a phenomenal atmosphere.

It’s too hot in the summer to play football in the day time. It’s also Ramadan, and when it’s 90+ degrees out and you haven’t eaten or drank all day, it’s even tougher to play.

At night, the temperature drops a nice 10 degrees and it was a cool 76 degrees out. We were playing a rivalry game against a group of guys who challenged us. The past 2 weeks they have demolished us. It’s not that our team was playing badly, it’s just that they were getting lucky on broken plays. Our defense didn’t allow much, but they got lucky off broken plays and would win 1-0. I did not play in the first two games due to scheduling conflits.

I made it this week and we won 7 TDs to nothing. Yup, 7-0! Our defense played lights out and did not allow them into the redzone all day. The one time they did make it, we intercepted them. The rest of their day was futile.

Our offense was on fire! Ali was John Elway sitting back and picking them apart. Our offense started out running up the middle. I was pounding away through the tackles and forcing them to respect the run. As soon as they stiffen up inside, we start passing all over. They tried to cover the pass, and we hit them with options and sweeps.

We demolished them on offense and put up touchdown after touchdown. It was a lot of fun.

Our defense hurried the QB on every play. Our front line was very high pressure. Over top we had Kaiser, Nick and Shazi shutting down everything overtop.

I gotta give those guys credit, they did hang in there and did not give up. They kept playing.

Although, we are down 2-1 in the series, our team has scored more than them, and hence we will just have to keep playing and see what happens.

Ahhhhhhhhh! Tackle football!!!!!!!! The greatest thing to ever happen to mankind!

Of course, I had the option of staying home and watching my beloved Ohio State play, but my rule is simple: If you are ever presented the option of playing versus watching football, always choose to play! Simple.

Did I say I love this game?