Google Chrome: The Search for the Perfect Browser

Is Google taking over the world?

They already have the best email, the best online office suite, an awesome online calender, awesome RSS feeds reading capabilities, tons of online storage space, the best picture and video manager in Picasa, an awesome mobile phone operating system, great cloud services so your phone is always connected to your information and data, and now they also have the best browser! Google’s Chrome Browser!

The Chrome browser isn’t new. It’s been around for a few years. Every time I tried installing it in the past, it would have issues and cause problems. I would end up uninstalling it and reverting to Internet Explorer. I think my problem stemmed from having 64 bit operating system and hardware for many years. I also have dabbled in Firefox in the past, but would always end up getting rid of it and going back to IE. Firefox is just not ready to be “THE ONE”. You can’t use only Firefox and get rid of IE. It seems like so many websites now use complicated applications that heavily rely on certain aspects of IE that none of the other browsers can duplicate.

I downloaded Google Chrome a month ago and figured I’d give it a whirl and see if it works better now. It does! It’s small, speedy, and does it’s job well. It also works very well with my Windows 7 and Vista 64 bit systems. Previously, it did not cooperate with the Windows XP Professional 64 bit system.

I especially like that it takes up less screen space. You don’t have 4 lines of menu options and clutter at the top, status bars below, links, bookmarks, and icons all over the place. All you see is real estate. I like lots of real estate! All you have is the tabs at the top and one row of menu bar (which is also the address bar). That’s it! That gives you lots of space and you can see more screen and more webpage than usual. That is awesome!

It’s also very simple to use. It doesn’t have 500 options and settings. You can dig deep and set it up with all sorts of customizations, but if you don’t want to mess around, you don’t have to.

It’s very fast! This is what sets it apart from the other browsers! It renders webpages quickly. It’s much faster and snappier than IE or FF. I love how responsive it is and how everything is ready for display so quickly. That makes life easier. The bigger the webpage, the more of a difference in speed that you notice between IE and Chrome. I’d say that you see a 50-60% improvement in page rendering speed. This is just my subjective analysis.

It’s also free! (they all are).

Is it “THE ONE”? No. I unfortunately, you still need IE for those bizarre webpages that require IE technology to run specific applications, but it is very close to being the ONE! Unless, I am on one of those pages, I can use Chrome without hesitation. I’d say 99.99% of the time, I don’t need IE anymore.

Is it customizable as FF?

Firefox has a bazillion plugins and tons of customization capability. I rarely use that capability. I just want a browser that works. I don’t need custom skins, or plugins to make it do other stuff. I just need it to surf the net well and display pages quickly.

Does it make errors?

Unfortunately, if a webpage is coded slightly incorrectly, Chrome and FF are not as forgiving as IE. IE is willing to overlook a missed comma in code and figure out what you meant and display pages correctly. If you miss a comma in Chrome and FF, it will display incorrectly. They try to be as compliant with standards as possible, and won’t forgive mini mistakes in coding. This is good for me, because when I design webpages, I want to see how they look in all browsers and if there are mistakes, I want to know.

Overall, I am very impressed with the latest edition of Google’s Chrome browser! Is it perfect? Very, very, very close! If it wasn’t for Microsoft specific websites using specific technology to interact with the IE browser…. Yes, it’s perfect!