Hookah worse than cigarettes

Young people seem to believe that smoking hookah is safer than cigarettes. The evidence simply isn’t there. In fact all of the evidence points to the opposite: Smoking hookah is worse than cigarettes! Share this infographic with your friends and learn more.

We know more about smoking and hookah than ever before. We know that smoking cigarettes puts you at 10X more risk than an equivalent non-smoker with your same exact genes and lifestyle. Smoking hookah can increase that risk significantly based on how much smoke you are inhaling. It’s not a “cleaner” or safer alternative to cigarettes, it may actually be much worse.
Even if you are simply smoking fruits, you are still receiving the most harmful effects of smoking hookah; the smoke. It’s the smoke that gives you heart disease and atherosclerosis. Your blocked arteries are not because of the nicotine in tobacco, it’s from the actual smoke. Volumes and volumes of smoke. So don’t believe the fallacy that because you are smoking fruits, that it’s somehow healthier.
Smoking one hour of hookah, is equivalent to smoking 200-400 cigarettes. Even if you are just in the room and don’t smoke, you have inhaled the equivalent to 100 cigarettes in volume of smoke.
One inhalation on hookah is the equivalent of smoking 50 inhalations of cigarettes. The average person can inhale 1 mL of voluem of smoke with one inhalation on a cigarette. One inhalation of hookah can be 50 mL of smoke or more. The average person has a tidal volume (or lung capacity with each inhalation) of about 600mL. That can be 600X more smoke!
Next time a friend asks you to do hookah, just pass and find a healthier alternative. Smoking hookah is probably the worse thing you can do for you health.