More EKG Students!

I love teaching!

A new batch of students, Melissa and Suzanne, are now on EKG week with me and are loving every second of it!

As physicians, we will always be teachers and will always be students! We have to remember this for the rest of our lives. We will never know everything, and we will always know more than someone. We have to teach and learn!

Teaching is a passion and it takes time to hone your teachng skills. I highly recommend teaching. It is extremely satisfying and you feel like you have imparted something important on to someone. It is especially gratifying to know that you are good at explaining complicated concepts in a way that simplifies them and allows them to enjoy being taught.

You should never teach because you feel obligated or because you “have to”. You should teach because you love it. It should come from within. You shouldn’t teach for a pat on the back or a “thank you” from someone. You should do it because you enjoy it, regardless of reward. Teach for the sake of teaching!

I am especially competitive. My entire life I spent competing with my brothers and friends at everything! Football, basketball, jobs, reporting, business projects, politics, just about anything! We have an inner drive, and we never settle for second. I am the same way about teaching and being the best damn doctor I could possibly be!

One reason I love to teach is because I want to be the absolute best teacher there is. It’s a competition for me. When I hear that one physician is a “great teacher”, I will attend all their lectures and try to find out what makes them so good, so I can emulate their techniques. If a freind wins a teaching award, I want to win more awards than them. If one person finds a great way to explain something, I will use that same technique to explain other concepts.

I always loved attending Dr. Matthew Kamin’s EKG lectures. I know EKGs pretty well, and his lectures are very elementary and usually at the level of a third year medical student. However, I always manage to gleen a nugget or two from his lectures. All those nuggets add up over the course of a year and Dr. Kamin is a great teacher. He has amazing ways of explaining complicated issues. I can never get enough of him!

These are people who we should model ourselves after and emulate! Teach on!

It’s especially exciting when your students’ eyes light up and they start to “get it”. They suddenly are excited about the material and want even more! That is the ultimate satisfaction, the ultimate high! Nothing is more rewarding than when someone says, “Hey, can you teach us again tomorrow?”

One component of life that goes with teaching and being knowledgable is staying humble. It’s very easy to mistreat people, be condescending or to think highly of one’s self when you think you have achieved something. Humans should never think highly of themselves nor mistreat anyone. We are all one and the same.

We should treat everyone exactly as we would treat the person who we have the most respect for. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated! Treat everyone as you would treat your parents, or a famous celebrity, or a role model that you have a ton of respect for. There is no excuse for not respecting people or being kind and generous.

I hope to continue many more years of teaching and learning!