Muslims Love Jesus Christ!

In the spirit of Christmas, I thought I’d expound on the Muslim view of Jesus Christ. I’ve been asked about this at work nearly every day for the past few weeks.

Muslims love Jesus Christ and consider him one of the top 5 historical figures in history, alongside Moses, Abraham, Adam and Muhammad.

In fact, it is a requirement of our faith to believe in Jesus Christ. Muslims have to believe in Jesus Christ! No other religion that I know of has a prerequisite of its own faith, to believe in a religious figure of another faith. Since we consider Jesus Christ to be one of our own prophets and messengers from God, we consider him as a part of our faith as well. We believe that God continually kept sending prophets to us over time to renew his message. We believe the message is the same, starting with Adam, through Noah, Abraham, Moses, Job, Lot, Joseph, Jesus and all the way through Muhammad. [more]

In fact, Jesus Christ foretold of Muhammad. He said that if another messenger comes after him and tells us that Jesus is from God, then he is also from God. In essence Jesus told us about Muhammad. Take a look at 1 John 4:2 you will see that Jesus says, “Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of God.” The word spirit in the Bible usually refers to prophets.

Want more proof that Muslims hold Jesus in the highest regard? The word “Jesus Christ” is mentioned in our book (the Quran) 33 times, whereas “Muhammad” is only mentioned 4 times. In fact, an entire chapter of our Quran is titled and dedicated to the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary.

We believe in the Virgin birth, that Jesus was taken up by God (resurrection), and that he will return (second coming). People don’t realize this.

The Quran encourages Muslim to work with Christians, Jews and people of faith on common moral issues and values. The Quran says, “Oh Christians and Jews, bring your women and children, and we will bring ours, and let us discuss the birth of Christ.” (3:61) in another place it ends with “and let us agree on a kind word.” (3:64)

The Quran says that the closest people to you are the Christians. (5:82)

Prophet Muhammad said: “He who hurts a Christian or Jew has hurt me.”

Most people don’t realize that there is so much similarity between Islam and Christianity. William Baker, a famous Biblical scholar and theologian wrote a book titled, More in common than you think, wherein he outlines the similarities between the world’s largest two faiths. Check it out on

A very good friend of mine who is a Catholic priest once said to me, “You are more Christian than I am” after we discussed the above Muslim views about Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Eid, Happy Kwanza, and all the other wonderful holidays!