Radial Access for Cath

Interventional cardiologists in some countries have embraced radial-artery access for placing catheters aimed at the coronaries into patients. Dr. Jolly, a cardiologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, cited a greater than 90% rate among French interventionalists and a greater than 95% rate in Canada. But as recently as last summer, U.S. cardiologists used radial access for a mere 4% of their coronary catheterizations, based on data collected by the National Cardiovascular Data Registry, said Dr. Edward J. McNulty, an interventional cardiologist at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco.

From: Internal Medicine News

As acardiologist, I only perform my cardiac catheterizations via radial artery access. I believe it’s safer for patients and patients can walk off the table and go home without any of the serious complications of the femoral (groin) approach.