Switching from Dotnetblogengine to WordPress

So how was I able to switch? It wasn’t that easy and took a few tries, but I was able to do it without losing any data.

First, download your dotnetblogengine database and all your images, files, pdfs, or other custom files from the server. It’s easiest to use an FTP program. I host on Godaddy, so I was able to create a back up of the database through the control panel. It gets saved into a back up folder as a .bak file. If you don’t want to do that, just export your blog posts table as a csv and xml file. Save those files. Make back ups of them.

Uninstall your dotnetblogengine from your directory using the Godaddy control panel. Doing this manually may be more involved.

Install WordPress. And install one of the csv or xml importer plug-ins and import all of your posts. I chose to only import posts, not comments, not categories, not tags, not anything else. I didn’t really have a lot of comments. Categories and tags were easy to recreate. It took a while to find the right xml/csv importer and for it to work right. Make sure to tell it to make all posts drafts, and not to publish them. I tried a about 5 different ones until one worked properly.

After that go through each post and adjust the dates, insert the images, re-link internal hyperlinks, and tweak them a bit. Now if you have hundreds or thousands of posts, this may be impossible. I had less than 100 to edit, so it wasn’t too hard. I still haven’t added back every picture, but I am in the process of doing it.

You can also use archive.org or Google’s cached pages to go back and look up parts of your blog that are missing or if you weren’t able to export it properly.

This is a fast and easy way to get everything migrated from dotnetblogengine to wordpress. Hopefully, you found this helpful. I’m still slowly adding back some of my older posts and images from an older version of my blog.