Tackle Football

I love tackle football. I will play with any one at any time. I have lucked out that in Chicago, I have always found people to play.

Football is one of the most intellectually challenging sports humanity has seen. Yes, most kids when they pick up a ball and play don’t view it as mental exercise, but it truly is.

Yes, anyone can just play and have a good time. But truly playing football means scheming. You see what the other team is doing and adjust. You don’t need superiour athletes, you need a superior plan. That’s the beauty of the game.

You need leadership on your team that can analyze, scheme, and execute gameplans as the game is being played. It’s harder at our level, because we don’t use a coaching staff, we are the coaches and the players, while playing.

Last sunday, we went to a field near the city to play at night. The lights were on and it brought back memories of high school ball under the lights. It’s cooler at night, so we prefer it. We picked teams. I ended up with my buddies Kaiser and Jalal. But the big monster of a human being ended up on the other team.

This guy was huge. 6 feet 3 inches tall, 245 pounds of rock solid muscle. He had a 32 inch waist that flared out to huge shoulders. This guy could be on the Under Armor commercials, ripped and cut. His team started laughing at us and saying they were gonna kill us. And that it was over.

Jalal and Kaiser told me that they are just gonna hand off to this dude and he is gonna run over us. I huddled up the defense, told them what our gameplan was, then we started hyping each other up and getting ready. We basically, put everyone in the box to cover the run and left to cornerbacks on each side to cover the entire field behind us.

We dared them to throw. We gobbled up the running back. He lost yards, got flipped, tore up his shirt…. had no where to go. We had our corners on an island covering the entire field.

They could not move the ball.

On offense, we gave them the same look on every down, but mixed in run and pass. We ran 90% of the time, because they could not stop us.

It was awesome! That’s just one simple example of scheming and gameplanning.

Football is the greatest sport humanity has ever invented. I will continue to play every weekend.

Someday I will be a high school head coach. I can’t wait! My teams will always win! Superior game plan, not superior athletes, but having both is great! Smart players!