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Emergency EKGs for Emergency Physicians

An excellent lecture by Dr. Mohammed Alo on Emergency EKGs for Emergency Physicians. If you are an ER physician or resident and need the down and dirty on EKG emergencies, this is your go-to lecture. Download the slides for an additional visual experience. This is the only EKG lecture you will ever need!

My lecture titled Emergency EKGs for Emergency Phsyicians is now available online for your viewing and listening pleasure. It was a hit and some people missed it. So now you can watch the whole thing and or download the slides and audio.

Enjoy! Send me questions if you have any!

Be sure to take a look at the Cardiac Emergencies for Emergency Physicians lecture as well. And the Basic ECG Lecture first. This lecture builds on that one!

Watch the most recent version of this lecture on video below or scroll down to download the older version of the slides and audio.

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